My Lovely Ghost

I fear to see you,
your shadow run over me,
but i can not let you go,
I try to hide but you caught me so fast,
the darkness and hopeless why dont you leave,
I want to be alone because ,,,,
I am blind in love to my lovely Ghost 🙂
By : Eta

Internship Moment :)

Internship Moment 🙂

I was join internship in PLAN grobogan, purwodadi , Central Java  and lived in boarding house with my friend for 3 weeks.It was great moment for me bacause I learn many things there. Something that touched my heart is to have a room mate that celebrate rahmadan , I saw her when she was sholat and woke up her to sahur , and have dinner together. she also teached me about her religion so i could understand more and i think it help me to more respect about diversity. thanks Friend . i realized how’s wonderfull to live in it.God was Created everything is wonderfull so do not destroy it.

Hello world!

Beach is  the WONDERFULL OF LIFE *_*